• Wonderful place with unique and fun programs...

    "Jen and The Lotus Center have created a wonderful place for Yoga and Qigong practice as well as sponsoring unique and fun programs ranging from an Indian dance class, a drumming class, to a sound healing experience. Jen teaches Yoga as it should be, with emphasis on the breath. She also creates and sells the purest lavender sprays you will find anywhere. If you have not checked out her offerings and center, you are missing out!"

    Beverly La Rock TLC regular
  • "TLC is a peaceful place to practice yoga with a community of kind people with whom you can just 'be.'”

    Barb Kistenmacher TLC yoga practioner
  • 'Being there fills me with a sense of peace and happiness...'

    "I love coming to The Lotus Center.  Being there fills me with a sense of peace and happiness.  Jen is a wonderful teacher who embodies the yoga principles of mindfulness and peace. TLC is a warm and inviting place to practice yoga.  They also over a variety of other interesting classes such as Qigong, meditation and more.  "
    Mary Priapi

    Mary Priapi TLC regular
  • 'via The Lotus Center, I was enlightened to a new highway; a better route...'

    When I pause to reflect on what the Lotus center is to me or has done for me, it can’t be said in one word or even in a statement.
    Perhaps an analogy conveys the idea best:
    When I first heard about the Lotus Center, my intention was simply to exit off the highway of life, get what I needed and then hop right back on. What unfolded however was quite different and has taken a few years to unfold.
    Ultimately, I did exit the highway. But via the Lotus center I was enlightened to a new highway; a better route. I loved my new route and I never really got back on the highway I originally got off. It’s so far in my rear view mirror, I can’t even see it. I forget what it’s like to be on it and go at that pace. I don’t want to remember, either.
    The new highway I’m on is so refreshing to drive. The roads are clearer & smoother. I can drive with the windows down and breathe fresh air. I can pull over anytime I want or exit whenever I choose. There’s barely anyone on this highway & I like it that way. It feels like mine.
    We are all on this journey of life and we all choose our own paths. I’m forever grateful I chose to slow down, to get off the superhighway I was lulled into being on and see where this path called Lotus would take me... ultimately it was a return to self and for that I am forever grateful. 🙏🏼
    Continue your offerings, Jen! Keep putting tools in our tool belts. I am truly at peace and so happy to be part of it all!

    Kathryn Marriott TLC regular

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