The Lotus Center in Elkton, MD

The Lotus Center…

We offer the Lotus Center to our community because there is nothing like it in this area. As the lotus can grow in unlikely spaces, like sewer waters or a crack in the sidewalk, we delight in its beauty. In yoga the lotus is a symbol of the heart and our compassion for ourselves and others. At the center, we offer kind, genuine instructors who teach classes that are accessible to all of us as we develop healthy new patterns in our lives. Our breath-based Essential Yoga is the foundation of the center, with a commitment to allowing the breath to lead and end all movement as practitioners develop their own personal practice and a sense of well being, and health of the body, mind, and spirit.

We are thrilled to present Qigong–another gentle way to access inner health and tap into your own energy. This ancient Chinese practice has been healing people for thousands of years. We look forward to learning with you!

Our Mission Statement…

At The Lotus Center we are a whole health community space where people can gather to move hearts, bodies, and minds towards wholeness and vibrant living with non-competitiveness, fun, and curiosity.

The Lotus Center of MD - Cecil County